Giving Back

Current Environmental Fundraiser: The Nature Conservancy

Amount Raised This Quarter: $0

Read about their mission here

Why The Nature Conservancy?

Because… you guys can insert random text here to equal 4 lines or so.

How do we make money?

Although we have some creative revenue ideas to implement down the line, right now our revenue model is simple: when you click the occasional ads you see on our website, the advertisers pay us a small amount. Being a start up, every dollar counts. We even ran a Go Fund Me page to get off the ground.

Our point is this: By using this site and occasionally clicking the ads you see, not only do you help progress the features of this website, but you also indirectly support the environmental groups (above) that we are donating to each quarter.

We thank you immensely for using Find Your Campsite to help facilitate your next camping trip.

Happy Camping!